The present rate of world population growth underlines man's responsibilities in the area of fertility control, though this is not the sole solution to the population problem. Social reforms, economic development and the raising of living standards also play important, if not primary roles.

We believe that man needs education in order to grow in freedom, self-knowldge and reponsibility, developing henceforth all the potentialities of the human person.

The following principles and attitudes further express this belief:

1. The family unit, which is vital for the development of society, has three essential elements: man as a person, husband, father; woman as a person, wife, mother; child present actually or potentially, to be respected as a person from conception.

2. Growth as a person is a gradual and continuing process. The surmounting of difficulties seems to be a necessary part of this process. This applies to all aspects of the person, including sexuality.

3. In this context, human sexuality is best expressed in loving interpersonal relationships.

4. For a couple, a loving, generous, faithful and stable relationship promotes their security, as well as their children's. Knowldge of themselves and each other promotes this relationship. The responsibility of conception regulation is inherent in this relationship.

5. The process of education should be understood as a sharing of information in the framework of a dialogue which is simultaneously a listening of and acceptance of each other in an equal ases. Thus, the couple becomes responsible not only for the applicion of a method of conception regulation but for a way of life freely chosen.

6. In this context, natural family planning is defined as a dialoge leading to responsible parenthood based on an educated awareness and acceptance of the cyclic phases of fertility and infertility. Loving abstinence in married life becomes basic to this dialogue.

7. We respect and accept spiritual values, from whatever source, which may deepen the understanding and sustain the purpose of a person or a couple.